Topwater Popper

We offer 5 different color topwater poppers, These topwater poppers are 2.75 inches in length and have incredible popping action, Big bass love to hammer this topwater lure when you retrieve them with a walking action on topwater. It is proven that large spotted bass love them as well, we tested these topwater popper on Table Rock lake earlier this year pre fishing before the Flw ever-start tournament. They cast extremely well on monofilament line and if thrown just right you can skip these poppers as well. Along with extremely sharp hooks. Skipping this topwater popper under docks and brush or into wood  lay-down no problem with its unique contours.Excellent bass fishing topwater lure.If you love Bass fishing you have got to love throwing top water lure like the popper,bass fisherman young and old as well as tournament anglers always get excited when a big Bass comes exploding up threw the water column to crush your topwater lure.Check out the color chart and pick up your topwater popper today.

Walk them on the edge of a dock  near deep water and hold on and get ready for an explosion on this topwater bait as Bigmouth and spotted bass will explode on this lure. Get yours today  !!!!

Golden Black back shad not shown

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